Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 7 Sunday

Holy Balls!!

Today's scheduled run was 4 miles. I went to the gym around 9 and realized it was closed (doesn't open until later on Sunday's). So I decided to go to a park that has a track broken up in 1/8 mile segments. It was about 43 degrees and a little windy. They say it's harder to run outside vs. a treadmill and they are right. I ended up running about 3 miles and walking one. I have since had Advil for breakfast...

It was nice during mile 2 when I started focusing on the music I was listening to (mostly Christian)and the positive messages. It was easier to run when I stopped dwelling on my pain and being out of shape to enjoying the outside, praising God and thanking Him for my blessings. This lasted until my side began to split and it felt like the gates of Hell were bursting through my entire body due to pain. Oh well, hopefully it will get easier.

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