Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Dinner

Turkey and Ham for Christmas.

It's 3:45 AM on Christmas morning. Just put the 18 pound turkey on the smoker. Lump charcoal and soaked hickory chunks. Dampers at 1.75 on both top and bottom. . Injected turkey with Tony Chachere's creole butter and rubbed with Fishers roast rub. Beer can turkey.

Cooked for 9 hours and meat thermometer read 165 when done Very juicy and moist turkey. Huge hit.

Ham was a pre-cooked/sliced ham. Put on digital Masterbuilt Smokehouse smoker for 3 hours at 230 degrees. Also injected with creole butter and glazed with sugar rub that came with it. Great smoke flavor and tenderness.

Very pleased with the smoked turkey and cooking process on the Big Steel Keg. Never had a problem with the dampers and the temp getting above 250. Just a few minor adjustments with the dampers during the cook It's getting easier to use.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

First Beer Can Chicken on the Keg

I tried out some beer can chicken on my new Big Steel Keg.  Here are my notes and photos...

2 beer can chickens

Lit fire at 10:40 am. Outside temp is 39 degrees. Smoker got too hot at 375 in about 10 minutes.
Put chicken on at 11:10. Starting temp 200 and should rise soon.
Put all soaked wood chips in at once.

Dampers are both at 2. Put water in the diffuser bowl for the first time.
Time 12:00. Dampers dialed in at 1.5 on top and bottom. 240-250 degrees

Chicken done at 4:00. Overlooked a little. 4 hours would probably do it just fine.

Chicken was a little dry but tasty. Need to wrap the diffuser in foil so it's easier to clean.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Big Steel Keg. My new toy

I just picked up this baby. It's awesome and I am going to have a lot of fun. There is going to be a learning curve for me since I have really never used charcoal before...especially lump coal. I have had two cooks so far and they were both successes. I decided after my first cook that I will take notes so I can track what I am doing and learn.
Today I wanted to grill for lunch. Here's the story.

Grilling ribs and chicken legs.

Rubbed ribs with muenster rub, salt and pepper. Got keg to 200 and put on soaked wood chips. Dampers are at 4 on top and 3 on bottom to get heat closer to 275. Put ribs on at 10:00.
Shit. 10:13 temp rose to 350. Turned dampers to around 1.
Not sure if my fire is out. Put chicken legs on at 10:30. Moved dampers to 2 on top and 1.5 on bottom. Put bottom at 2. Trying to get temp at 275. Time crunch for lunch. Dampers at 2.0 and dialed in at 275. Now11:23

Pulled chicken and wrapped ribs at 12:00. Over cooked chicken. Temp was close to 190 internal for chicken.

Pulled ribs at 12:45. 2:45 cooking time. Final temp was 315 when wrapped and pulled. Waiting for to rest.

Chicken was actually pretty good but a little chewy by being overdone. Kids loved them and that's who ate them so that's good.
Ribs were very moist and fall-off-the-bone good. Used Sweet Baby Ray's sauce and that complimented the rub nicely.
After the cook, open the vents all the way to get to 700 degrees to burn off and clean the grill. Worked nicely. Very happy with my first attempt at ribs.