Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Dinner

Turkey and Ham for Christmas.

It's 3:45 AM on Christmas morning. Just put the 18 pound turkey on the smoker. Lump charcoal and soaked hickory chunks. Dampers at 1.75 on both top and bottom. . Injected turkey with Tony Chachere's creole butter and rubbed with Fishers roast rub. Beer can turkey.

Cooked for 9 hours and meat thermometer read 165 when done Very juicy and moist turkey. Huge hit.

Ham was a pre-cooked/sliced ham. Put on digital Masterbuilt Smokehouse smoker for 3 hours at 230 degrees. Also injected with creole butter and glazed with sugar rub that came with it. Great smoke flavor and tenderness.

Very pleased with the smoked turkey and cooking process on the Big Steel Keg. Never had a problem with the dampers and the temp getting above 250. Just a few minor adjustments with the dampers during the cook It's getting easier to use.

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