Sunday, December 11, 2011

First Beer Can Chicken on the Keg

I tried out some beer can chicken on my new Big Steel Keg.  Here are my notes and photos...

2 beer can chickens

Lit fire at 10:40 am. Outside temp is 39 degrees. Smoker got too hot at 375 in about 10 minutes.
Put chicken on at 11:10. Starting temp 200 and should rise soon.
Put all soaked wood chips in at once.

Dampers are both at 2. Put water in the diffuser bowl for the first time.
Time 12:00. Dampers dialed in at 1.5 on top and bottom. 240-250 degrees

Chicken done at 4:00. Overlooked a little. 4 hours would probably do it just fine.

Chicken was a little dry but tasty. Need to wrap the diffuser in foil so it's easier to clean.

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