Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's Game Day

Today we embark on one of the greatest times of the year...tailgating. Today is the first home home game for the Mean Green. It's also the first soccer games for our oldest kids T-Girl, M-Girl, and C-Boy. It's a busy day but here's the basic rundown.

7:00--woke up

7:01--put Mean Green yard sign in front yard

8:00--breakfast and misc crap

9:00--turn on College Game Day on ESPN

9:15--gave boys game day hair cuts

10:45--leave for debut game of Ladybugs soccer

1:00--Bulldogs debut soccer game

2:30--head home to pack up truck for tailgating

3:15--arrive at Fouts Field to unleash the tailgating celebration

3:17--argue with parking lot officials about where to park

3:30--set up 'camp', first drink, grill ribs, Muenster sausage, and hot dogs

5:45--stumble into stadium

9:00--leave stadium and listen to post game show

10:00--slam tons of Pepto and Advil

10:03--pass out


Anonymous said...

close game

Anonymous said...

i would like to retract my earlier comment as i think that i have hurt the feelings of the author of this blog........

Anonymous said...

Feeling a bit confused from this entry. You and YOUR WIFE speak of what Christ followers you are. How was your time at the game GOD GLORIFYING?? Did you just forget to write it down?? Hopefully your children did not see all of the stumbling going on.

T-Rock said...

thanks for the I was not drunk as your judgment indicated. My wife and I obviously had a busy day and were exhausted by game time. And yes, we did have a few drinks but I'm very certain I won't lose my salvation over it. Our kids don't go to the games but thanks for asking. I hope this clears your confusion and thanks for the post