Friday, February 13, 2009

holy hell I'm old

I just went with my wife to see a friend's band play at a bar here in Denton and they didn't go on until 10:30. I should have been in bed for like an hour already but instead, I'm surrounded by college kids 10 years younger and completely out of place. My good friend, Adam, was there too... he and I used to be in a band together. We were watching our old bass player's new band, Constant Seas, at a dive in Denton. It was a great show but we are not built to stay awake longer than 10:00. After a few Shiners and Camels, we were doing alright but I'm so freakin tired, I can't stand it. The show was great and it was good to have a break from the 5 kids but couldn't Emo-kids do their shows like at 7 instead of midnight?

Oh ya, it was too loud which means I'm officially too old. Bring on the Viagra and a pillow...I'm good.

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