Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Facing the Giants

This morning's faith share meeting was very good. Today's Mass reading was about how Jacob and Caleb wanted to take the Isrealites into the Promised Land. Caleb was a part of 12 'investigators' that went to scout out the land across the river. All but Caleb said that the land was too dangerous and that it was invested with giants. The Lord had delivered his people from Egypt, split a Sea, leveled mountains and still they doubted that He would deliver them to safety. So, God made all of that generation wander in the desert and die.
The discussion in this morning's meeting was about how we face our own giants. Do we run away scared, looking to the negative all of the time, play the blame game, etc. Or, do we face them and ask for the Lord to deliver us? I for one tend to do the former much more than the latter. I have to work on that daily.
Being a father of 6 kids is not easy. There is tremendous stress financially and emotionally. I am commissioned only and have the only household income. It's tough...a man should not have as much grey hair as I do at age 33.
But here's the thing...I'm married to a wonderful woman who believes in me, and most importantly, believes in our Lord and that he will provide for us. I believe in Him too but it's such a blessing to have a partner for me to fall back on. We have to face our giant together every day.

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nicole said...

Thanks! :) We're definitely a team.