Monday, February 15, 2010

great weekend

This past weekend was awesome. Thursday and Friday we were hit with snow. Now, it normally does not snow in Texas but if it does, it may last for a few hours. This time we had perfect snow for at least 2 days. Thursday I took the 4 older kids and we went down to a steep hill in our neighborhood to go sledding. It was a blast. We used Rubbermaid trash can lids and another large storage container lid for the sleds. It continued to snow while we were sledding which made it more magical. T-boy (age 4) had to wear his cowboy boots which had no traction so it was hilarious to watch him try to climb up the hill. We made a snow man(more like a snow-blob) and snow angels. It was a blast.

On Saturday, the kids had their basketball games and they had a lot of fun. It was fun to watch them as a parent and see them do well. The kids are out of school today as well but I'm back to work (except for right now).

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