Sunday, December 16, 2007

Suprise visit

We had a surprise visit this morning. Wife's brother Justin was visiting us from the Seminary. He is studying to become a Priest and we are very proud of him and we pray for him. His/our friend, Brett, was also visiting and he just graduated from UNT yesterday. The picture I took of him did not turn out. He is also going to go to the Seminary to become a Priest. They are both in our prayers and Praise God for their answer to the call.

The boys are warming by the fire and, like their mother, they were walking around flashing their chests...crap, I think my wife reads this blog...

The older kids did get to enjoy a bowling birthday party with some of their friends. This was their first time at the lanes and thank God there is bumper bowling. It was funny to watch them wind up to roll the ball less than 1 mile per hour...the game took a really long time :).

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